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Career Advice eBooks

In this section we provide a FREE selection of handy eBooks with our compliments, for your perusal. You may read, download, print off or email these eBooks to friends as required.

Making the Right Impression

This eBook will help you make the perfect first impression at an interview with your prospective employer.

It covers you every step of the way from preparation, what to do and say during the interview stages to what to do whilst you wait for that all important decision. For more information on interview advice visit our Interview Questions Section

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Tips on Answering Questions at Interviews

Our second eBook in the series helps provide tips on answering those tricky questions.

It details popular questions that you are likely to be asked, provides guidance on answering difficult questions and provides ideas on the right kinds of questions you could ask the employer

Click here to view our 'Tips on Answering Questions at Interviews' eBook

Important Notice

The contents of these eBooks are subject to copyright. They may only be used for non commercial purposes and may not under any circumstances be sold for profit or copied or replicated onto other websites without our written permission.

If you are a school, university or careers centre you are free to download or photocopy these eBooks and hand out as free issue as you require. We are always pleased to support educational providers. If you would like further support in this direction please contact Red Advertising on 0845 60 00 550 and ask for public relations.

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