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Make First Impressions Count


You may not think that the above statement is something to really put an enormous effort into, but you would be wrong.

It’s a well known fact that in the first five minutes you can have possibly landed the job or blown it! The interviewers have after all, already read your Application / CV, so they are fully aware of your paper qualifications and experience.

So, what are the dos and don’ts?

Always dress as smartly as possible not forgetting the shoes! (It is surprising how many people looking at themselves in a mirror don’t look at their feet!)

Make sure your attire is clean, well laundered and fits properly.

The temperature may be in the 90s but looking like you are about to spend the remainder of the day relaxing outdoors does not always go down well, particularly if the position involves contact with the public.

If you smoke, make sure you do not smell of this and definitely do not light up at any time whilst at your potential employer’s premises.

Don’t chew gum.

Don’t lie about your abilities but stress your willingness to learn new things.

Before the interview decide what your strengths and weaknesses are and have a mental idea of how to give the best response when asked for these.

When asked if you have anything that you would like to know about the position, which may not have already been covered, try to ask possibly one question but don’t make that “How much holiday pay do I get?” / “How much sick pay do I get?” / “When do I get a pay rise?”.

When exiting the interview, stand up, shake the hand of the interviewer/s, thank them for their time and state that you look forward to hearing from them.

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