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For many different reasons, when you leave a high profile demanding job, you may wish to downsize.

This can prove to be a difficult thing to achieve for some people as many potential employers may see your application as a “stop gap” whilst you look elsewhere to find a position more suited to your situation.

You may think that this would not be the case, but put yourself in their position.

What would you think?

Would you employ yourself?

Would you think that if employed they would not be satisfied with the job and maybe start reaching to take yours?

For most of us the answer to one or all of these questions would stop you from even inviting an interview.

So, what can you do to get the interview and land the job?

On the application form / CV use the reasons for being right for the job and wanting the job by explaining yourself and your situation.

Enclose a covering letter if that seems more suitable.

Possible scenarios are:-

“My previous experience can give your company the qualities that the position requires”.

“After having spent many years working in a high profile environment I feel it is time to put my talents to a more diversified and challenging situation”.

“Now is the time for a change of direction in my career”

At the Interview:-

Always remember first impressions count

Use the first available opportunity to reinforce the reasons you gave on the CV/ Application / Letter

Stress your willingness to be part of the team (Not the leader of it!)

Don’t overstress your previous achievements / qualifications.

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