Career as a Fitness Trainer

If you enjoy training and staying fit, then you may enjoy a career as a fitness trainer where you will be able to stay fit and train others to do the same.

As a fitness trainer, you will help your clientele assess their level of fitness and then create a routine so they can meet their personal goals. Many fitness trainers enjoy working with others as well as ensuring they stay healthy and fit. Today, fitness trainers are becoming more and more sought after therefore seeking a career in this field can be very rewarding and demanding.


In order to become a fitness trainer, you will need to receive certification. In order to achieve certification you will take a course normally at a facility such as a gym or fitness centre. Be sure that you receive certification from a company that is nationally or internationally recognised.

In the majority of cases, fitness trainers specialise in a particular field like weight training, aerobics or training athletes, etc… The choice is yours as to whether you wish to train all individuals or wish to specialise to work only with athletes.

In order to become a fitness trainer you will need a few skills such as being in good shape. If you are overweight or cannot do even one push up, then you are not going to do very well as a fitness trainer. You will need to be in good physical shape, have loads of enthusiasm, patient, and above all else a good listener that enjoys working with people. Not everyone walking into the gym is ready to give up what they must in order to have a healthy body. As a fitness trainer, you must understand this and work with the clients to help them reach their goals while encouraging them along the way.

Fitness trainers can find employment in many different locations including a local gym, health clubs, cruise ships, medical facilities, rehabilitation centres and more. A fitness trainer can find employment with athletes, stars or others, which can lead to a very exciting lifestyle. Fitness trainers working with those in the public eye often travel with them to ensure they stay on their fitness routine, thus giving the fitness trainer an exciting life.

Entry level salary

If you are starting as a gym or fitness instructor then expect to earn between £12 - £14k starting salary. This may be a little higher in London and you are more likely to earn more with a Local Authority than a private gym, as Local Authorities pay is linked to a fixed structure that tends to accrue annual increases. Expect to earn around £15 - £16k in this case.

Personal Trainer Salary

If you are a newly qualified Personal Trainer then your earning potential is significantly higher than that of a fitness instructor, but you will have to establish yourself before you can hope to earn some of the high end figures that the experienced fitness professionals do. As a rule of thumb, if you are employed by a gym then you should be looking to earn between £16k - £20k in your first year but this does vary wildly and each facility will have its own arrangements for remuneration.

Freelance Personal Trainer - Financial Advice

If you are an existing personal trainer and you are considering going freelance then be sure to have developed a robust business plan. You will have needed to consider all of the costs and income aspects and you ought to have at least 10 weekly clients already that you know are regular and reliable. You may wish to align yourself to a gym and pay rent or you may prefer to be completely freelance and work from the client's home or use the great outdoors. Whilst this is more demanding in terms of delivering a total fitness solution it is more lucrative as you don't have to pay monthly rent which can be as high as £500 per month in some clubs.

For anyone wishing to become a fitness trainer, they should talk with other fitness trainers in the industry to learn the pros and cons of the career. You may love to work out and stay fit, but to become a trainer you must accept that not everyone loves working out.

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