Career in Banking

A career in banking may not be exactly what you envisioned such as a bank teller standing behind the glass counting out money to a person when they cash their check or accept money for customers to put in their account. There are many different opportunities in the world of banking that you may not have realised existed.


To have a career in banking as a bank cashier there are no special qualifications, however, you will need to at least be good in basic math. You may not need special skills to become a bank cashier, however, an education always looks good on your resume or application. According to the type of position you desire in the banking industry, there are different educational needs beyond being a bank cashier.


The salary expectations and benefits of a banking career will vary depending on the level of job and location. A career in banking can be very well paid and there are annual bonuses. Also employees do receive a number of benefits and these can come in the form of low rate financial products. For instance bank employees may receive lower rates of interest on their mortgages. Employees may also receive lower life and insurance cover and low cost medical cover. Private health care and low cost dental plans are also options that are available to permanent bank employees; these benefits may also be dependant on their length of service. Average salaries will usually start at around the £14,000 mark and then will rise every six months or annually.

Opportunities in a Banking Career

Opportunities in the Banking industry may start with an entry-level position such as a bank teller and with promotions that bank teller can become a manager. There are several different careers in the banking field besides what you may consider such as a teller or a loan officer.

Bank Cashier

As a cashier you do not need a higher education. A high school qualification is all that is needed in most cases. The ability to work with the public, be detail oriented and have a good grasp of basic math will help you achieve this position. As a bank Cashier you will take deposits, process withdrawals, and cash checks.

Loans Officer

A loan officer as you probably know accepts individuals or couples loan applications. Individuals visit the loan officer to try to receive a loan to purchase a house, an automobile, or even the money to begin a new business. The loan officer will go over all the information in the loan application and determine if the loan can be granted to the individual or couple. If the loan is accepted, the loan officer normally determines the terms of the loan.

Branch Manager

A branch manager of a bank is the person that is in charge of the staff that ensures the employees are performing their jobs properly and that all is going smoothly in the operation of the bank. This entails meeting the objective and goals of the bank while ensuring the needs of the customers are met.

Customer Service Agent

Customer service agents are persons that work with the banks customers helping each one with issues or questions regarding their accounts or services of the bank. In most cases, the customer service agent will aid customers online, in person, or over the telephone to solve any problems they may have at the time. In most banks, the agent will also be the one that offers other services to customers.

Administrative and Clerical Workers

Administrative and clerical workers are those that work to help the flow of the paperwork in the bank. These individuals usually assist other employees by typing, filing or doing other clerical tasks.

According to the bank, there may be other career opportunities such as ones in the technology field including computer technicians that are educated in computer repair and troubleshooting.

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