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Internet Job Seeking Tools

Job Search Engines

If you are in search of a job, you may have found at least one job search engine. This can be very helpful according to the way in which the search engine was designed. Many job search engines allow you to search by industry, position, salary, and location to name a few. Others allow you to search by qualifications, experience or education. The hardest part of searching for a job online is finding one that fits all your criteria. You may know exactly what you want, but finding the perfect job to fit your needs can be difficult. If the job search engine you are using is not designed well, you will still be searching through thousands of employment opportunities that may not meet your specifications. The more advanced search tools the easier it will be to find that perfect job.

In many cases, these job search engines have a very large database, so you will find a large array of employment opportunities and can register with your favourite sites to receive ‘Jobs by Email’ which by simply filling in your particular search parameters (job title, location, salary etc) ensures that you receive the latest jobs matching your criteria directly to your inbox on a daily or weekly frequency. This saves you visiting each site and performing your same search activity over and over again.

Online Classified Ads

You may not believe this, but you can find just about every newspaper in the world online. This means that you can virtually check the classified ads in all the newspapers where you might wish to work.

Classified Ads can also be found outside of the newspapers on websites such as television news stations and other independent classified ad websites.

CV Distribution

There are some websites online that offer a CV distribution service, these services enable you to upload your CV once and then their technology will automatically email all the recruiters in your chosen area that cater for your job sector. There are some sites that charge for this service but it is also possible to find companies that provide this service free of charge.

CV Databases

Some job search websites usually host jobs as well as offering the facility to upload your CV to their database. Many recruiters, agencies and direct employers subscribe to these companies to access the CV database and extract CV’s that match their particular criteria for a job they are looking to fill. This is a good way of finding the unpublished job opportunities.

In some cases, these websites will use your resume and search their database for jobs that match your education or experience. The website will then automatically email you with a list of all the matches that were found.

Other Resources

Today, you can find all kinds of job boards, job forums and even websites devoted to specific types of careers that will provide you with all the information you need to find employment, talk with others in your situation and learn how and where to look for employment. In some cases you can find a website devoted to the medical field, freelance gigs or more. Once you register, you can learn all the resources that others have used to gain their dream job.

If you wish to learn more about specific company prior to applying for a job, many job search engines and other job related websites offer this information as well. This way you can learn a bit about the company such as its history and how long they have been in business.

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