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Do you love the outdoors and adventure? Then you may love a career as an Adventure Travel Guide. An adventure travel guide is not the same as a tour guide or an escort guide that you see at places like amusement parks. This type of guide only walks around a specific area and recites the exact same speech that was taught to them when they were hired for the position. An adventure travel guide is one that hikes right along your side in the Swiss Alps or kayaking around the Galapagos Islands. The regular tour guide that takes tourists on bus trips or walking through a tourist area is certainly not, what you can expect when you have a career as an Adventure Travel Guide.

As an Adventure Travel Guide, it will be your client or clients and you off on adventures. In most cases, it will be a group of friends, a single adventurer or a family that has chosen to take on this adventure.

Some adventure travel tours you will take clients to enjoy can include river rafting, mountain trekking, cave exploration, and scuba diving. Other activities you and your clients will partake of include mountain biking, snow or water skiing, horseback riding, sailing, and white-water rafting. In most cases, a successful adventure travel guide has skills in several different activities and health care procedures in case of an accident while on an adventure. Some adventure travel guides often aid their clients with other tasks including reserving lodging, reserving dining, making activity reservations and researching any possible passport problems.

While you take the clients on their adventure tour you must also educate the group on cultural customs and ensure that all members of your group are properly trained in the tasks required such as using the equipment to climb a mountain, and that all members are safe.

Education needed to become an adventure travel guide includes a degree in Emergency Medical Technology, Fitness Training or Hospitality and Tourism. The skills you need besides educational training and a love of the outdoors include being a good leader, effective communication skills, reliable, trustworthy, professional reputation and have good judgment under pressure.

To be successful as an adventure travel guide you may wish to go out on your own. This can be very rewarding as you will be able to offer adventures to locations that you have visited before and know. The more popular your adventure, the more successful you will become. Offering clients a vast array of adventures is one of the most important factors if you desire a professional reputation. On the other hand, if your clients wish to visit an area you have never seen before, this could be a wonderful way to learn about a new location and provide your clients with a great adventure.

Salary depends on the location and on the adventures; Most Salaries can start from £14,000 to £17,000 but it can be a lot more than this dependent on adventures.

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