Match your Interest to your Career

Many people change their career several times during their lifetime; this is due to trying to find a career that actually matches with their interests. It can be very hard when you finish high school to know what you want to do the rest of your life as a career.

Before doing anything else you should try to figure out the things you enjoy doing as well as the things you are good at. This way you can have an idea what your major and minor interests are and hopefully be able to use these to find the courses relating to your dream job.

If you are headed to college or have decided to take up further education then you will want to try your best to fit the right combination of your major and minor in order to find the perfect job. Let’s say you like working with numbers and wish to go with an Accounting, however, you also love to write and would like to have the opportunity to find job’s writing. If you choose English or Professional writing as your minor, then you will have the best of both of the worlds you love. Now, you can always find employment with an accounting firm, or possibly work as an accountant with a publisher thus being able to write professional reports while keeping up with the accounting department.

What about someone that loves engineering but would rather not be out in the field? Using business as the minor with engineering as the major you may be able to find a great position working in a managerial position for an engineering firm.

Foreign languages can open up all kinds of doors if used as a minor. This way you may be able to travel to other countries or even work as a translator in your favourite industry. Visit Translation Jobs to view bilingual, multilingual and other language jobs.

Employers often look for specific skills that are coupled with skills relating to working with others. Such skills may be Architecture, Engineering and Graphic Design along with people skill minors like Communications, Public Relations and English.

Combinations that often go well together include Accounting & English, Engineering & Business, Biology & Business, English Literature & Media Studies, Science & Journalism, Pre-Law as a minor & any major, and Psychology & Criminal Justice.

Many times talking with a careers counsellor you may not find the best combination to ensure you find the perfect dream job, but if you have an idea of the type of careers that you will enjoy it would be in your best interest to learn what type of courses you need to ensure you can apply for that particular job.

The good news is you can create all kinds of combinations of majors and minors that will offer several career opportunities. Your possibilities are unlimited when you look at all the courses that are available. It just takes a bit of research to come up with the best combinations to ensure you have the chance to enjoy your dream job.

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