Career Coaching to help you make the right choice

Career Coaching

Not sure where your career is going? Then we recommend you should contact City Life Coaching who can help you focus your job search.

Visit their website or phone them on 07740 623 278

If you’re bored and disillusioned with work, feeling that you are under-achieving, but have no real idea what you want to do with your career, City Life Coaching can help.

• Find out what you need to be focusing on to make good career decisions

• Discover a unique method for identifying careers to suit you

• Work with experienced career coaches to put together an action plan

• Receive follow-up support for as long as you need it

• Learn how to make your mark in your new work environment

A range of coaching sessions are available including:-

• Intensive Coaching Session

To help you make 2010 the year your career excels, City Life Coaching are offering a discount on intensive 2-hour sessions. Find out what the right job is for you, and learn the skills you need to secure it.

• Individual Coaching

If you’re not sure where your career is going, individual career coaching will help you get it back on track. The package consists of preparatory questionnaires, two intensive 90-minute face-to-face sessions, and email follow-up support.

For more information visit the website

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