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Customer Comments

Most CV writing companies advertise themselves as 'professional' - but you need to ensure that you get the best result and a CV that is absolutely perfect for you.

To help you agree with us that The Fuller CV are probably one of the best CV services in the market, when comparing them with others, we recommend that you ask the following:

• How will you gather the information to write my CV?
• Who will be writing my CV and what experience do they have?
• What are your company's success rates with helping people to generate interviews?
• Can I see some genuine testimonials?
• What guarantees do you offer?

This is what some of The Fuller CV customers have to say:

I am glad I approached Rebecca at the jobfair after reading Wendy Ledger's piece about her CV services in the Evening Standard before the Standard's job fair because I am very happy with my new cv.
- (Accountant)

Received c.v. and hardly recognised myself! My wife is impressed too, and now glad she married me. Many thanks for a proffessional job, hope a future employer finds the same.
- (International Energy Consultant)

The end product which emanated from my raw material is amazing! Thanks for producing a document which make me marketable.
- (Vice President – Banking)

" Rebecca, many thanks for the CV. I sent it yesterday they phoned today to invite me to an interview next week. The head of faculty said he was 'very impressed with my CV'. So I'll be recommending you to everyone I know! "
- (University Lecturer)

" I applied to Bank of America with my former CV but was told there were no vacancies, applied again this week with the CV you created and they have already emailed me requesting my salary package and when I'm available for interview, better still its the only place I've sent my new CV yet!!!"

"I want to compete with your testimonial quoted on your website where the Financial Director increased his annual salary by £60,000 - In my case a Consultancy put my new CV forward for a General Managers position for a new PFI and they have come back saying that on the strength of my CV they want to interview me instead for a higher, board level position..."
- (General Manager)

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