The Power of Your CV

Power of your CV

A recent survey found whilst some companies and most public sector organisations select candidates for interview via use of specific employer application forms – the vast majority of vacancies (62%) still require applications to be made using a CV. Despite this, and the fact that a CV is a marketing tool that can significantly increase earning potential and job satisfaction – many of us still throw some information together in a half hour lunch break, send it off and hope for the best.

Certain people however, always seem to get the best interviews, the promotions and the career progression that they want. Chances are this is because they have dedicated time and effort to carefully considering and writing their CV. They will have highlighted their best skills, showcased their achievements and kept it highly relevant. In essence, they have realised that their CV is vital to securing their success and have recognised its worth as a powerful and persuasive sales pitch.

The Fuller CV review hundreds of CVs every year and know exactly how to present your details to your best advantage. They currently have a dedicated team of over 80 CV writers combining years of experience allowing them to determine and market your achievements, create your core competencies, highlight your transferrable skills, inject confidence following redundancy and strengthen any areas of weakness.

The Fuller CV’s Writing service will ensure that you are in possession of a dynamic and effective marketing tool, immediately highlighting to the Recruiter the added value which you can bring to their organisation and identifying why you are the best person for the job.

No automated service can replace the skills of a professional CV editor that has carefully crafted CVs for many years. A Fuller CV review can highlight areas of concern in your CV and can assist you in being that other person that secures the best interviews, promotions and gets the progression you deserve.

Let The Fuller CV help you to have the most powerful CV you can. All you need to do is just submit the review form you are under no obligation.

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