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Finding Suitable Work

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Working Duties Expected

Betting shop managers run licensed betting shops where customers can place bets on sporting and non-sporting events. They are responsible for customer care, staff recruitment and training, and the efficient running of the business. This includes preparing business plans, keeping accurate financial records and ensuring the shop complies to industry regulations. Betting shop managers work 37 to 39 hours a week. Shops are open long hours and weekends to cover sporting events, including summer evening race meetings. As a result, the job involves weekend and evening work.

Betting shops are designed to attract customers, so they are usually bright, tidy and comfortable places. A betting shop manager needs to:

• be a good communicator and get on well with people
• have basic keyboard skills and be good with numbers
• have a lively personality
• be mature, honest and trustworthy
• be interested in sport.

The number of betting shops has dropped in recent years as some people now bet online or by telephone, but there are still over 8,000 across the UK. Young people must be aged over 18 years to work in the industry. There are no set entry requirements, but applicants may be asked to take a maths test. Previous experience of working in a betting shop is usually required. Experience in retail or customer service is also useful. Mature applicants with relevant experience are welcomed; there is no upper age limit for the job. There are no nationally accredited qualifications for the licensed betting industry. Some organisations offer staff training in NVQs/SVQs in Customer Service, at Levels 2, 3 and 4. Trainee managers working for large organisations usually receive on-the-job training, where they learn the practical aspects of the job. In addition, they work through individual module workbooks and take part in online learning. The betting industry offers good promotion prospects to staff who work hard and have the right skills. Promotion could be to manager of a larger shop, or to a post as area manager with responsibility for overseeing the running of a group of shops.

What does the role encounter?

Betting shop managers run licensed betting shops where customers can place bets. Most bets are placed on sporting events such as football matches, horse races, greyhound races, motor racing and cricket. However, it is possible to bet on special events, for example whether or not it will snow on Christmas Day. Betting shops also run 'virtual' races and control a number of gaming machines. All of these games can be running at the same time during busy periods. Betting companies work out the odds on a sporting event, eg the chances of a certain horse winning a race. These odds are then offered to customers who decide whether to bet on them or not. If a large number of bets are placed on a particular competitor such as a horse, the odds are shortened, which means the amount that can be won is reduced. If the number of bets being placed is low, the odds can be lengthened and the prize money increased in order to encourage people to bet.

Betting shop managers have a number of responsibilities, including looking after customers who come into the shop. This involves:

• making sure they feel at home and are well looked after by staff
• informing customers of the different products and services available
• feeding back customer information to head office
• putting on special promotions to increase customer interest
• dealing with customer complaints quickly and efficiently
• identifying and dealing with vulnerable customers who have a gambling problem
• identifying young people under the age of 18 years who are not allowed to gamble.

Managers are also responsible for the staff working in their shop. They recruit new staff, which involves advertising vacancies and interviewing candidates. They establish good communications between management and employees, arranging discussions and staff meetings, organising work and holiday rotas, and training staff. Managers also set sales targets, and assess and advise staff on their progress. In addition, they are responsible for ensuring the business is run efficiently. They prepare business plans, operate the technological equipment in the shop, including computer systems and multichannel television systems, keep an accurate record of running costs, control stock levels, ensure the shop is clean and meets health and safety regulations, look after security and ensure the business complies with industry regulations.

What type of hours will I have to work?

Betting shop managers work a 37 to 39 hour week. Betting shops are open every day of the week to cover weekend sporting events. During the summer months they open until late in the evening so customers can place bets on evening race meetings. As a result, the job involves weekend and evening work.

What level of salary and benefits are there?

These figures are purely for guidance only. Salaries may vary for the area the job is situated in, age, experience along with a host of other factors:

• The starting salary for a betting shop manager is around £13,200.
• An experienced manager can earn approximately £16,000 a year.
• The highest salaries are from around £18,000 to £20,000 a year, or more.

What type of skills will I need?

You will need to have some or all of the following type of skills to carry out this job:

• get on well with people
• be a strong communicator
• be knowledgeable about industry products and services
• be a good team leader, able to motivate and encourage staff
• be good at working with numbers
• have a lively personality
• be mature and responsible
• be honest and trustworthy.

What type of training will I receive?

Most large companies have comprehensive in-house and skills development training linked to promotion. They may use a mixture of on-the-job training, workbooks and online learning. Training covers the practical aspects of the job including:

• operating equipment
• calculating winnings
• customer service
• team working
• health and safety at work.

Managers are also trained in how to identify and deal with customers who have gambling problems.
There are no nationally accredited qualifications specifically for the licensed betting industry. However, customer service qualifications are relevant and NVQs/SVQs are available at Levels 2, 3 and 4. NVQ Level 3 in Customer Service is applicable to betting shop managers.

Career Progression:

The betting industry offers good promotion prospects to staff who work hard and have the right skills. Promotion could be to manager of a larger shop, to a post as a district supervisor/manager running a group of 10 to 15 shops, or to area manager with responsibility for overseeing the running of a group of around 50 shops.

Are there similar types of job or related industries?

Yes, this list is not exhaustive but see the following categories:

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Entertainment Manager

What trade magazines are available for this industry?

All of the following magazines and journals can be purchased from any good bookstore:

Racing Post

Other Useful Betting Shop Manager Work Information

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