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Finding Suitable Work

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Working Duties Expected

Car valets supply a quality cleaning and finishing service for car owners, users and dealers.

They clean the exteriors of vehicles using high-pressure hoses, dry them with chamois leathers, apply wax, and polish them by hand or with an electric buffer. Valets apply gels and other finishes to bumpers and trims, and paint rubber dressing on the side walls of tyres.

Interior work includes vacuuming, and shampooing carpets and seats, and using chemicals to lift stains. Valets clean the dashboard and trims with cleaning agents and dress or polish the windows, dashboard and trims. They may also steam clean engines. Duties could include answering customers'' enquiries and encouraging them to place orders.

Some valets work from mobile units containing water, generator, power washer and wet/dry vacuum. Valets may provide extra services such as cleaning domestic carpets in people''s homes.

Hours and Environment:

Working hours may vary. Weekend and seasonal work are common. There may be some overtime. Part-time opportunities are widely available.

The work takes place inside and outside at garages, workshops, and on customers'' premises. Mobile valeting involves a lot of driving.

Much of the day is spent standing, bending, stretching and working at awkward angles. Valets come into contact with oil and grease and work with potentially hazardous cleaning agents. Overalls, gloves and safety spectacles are worn where there is a risk to health or safety.

Skills and Interests:

As a car valet, you will need:

  • an interest in cars
  • to be physically fit
  • to be methodical and able to pay attention to detail
  • the ability to read and follow safety procedures and understand manufacturers'' instructions and warnings
  • to be self-motivated - able to work on your own without direct supervision, or as a member of a small team
  • a friendly attitude to deal with customers.


You will not require any formal academic qualifications to work as a car valet. Previous experience in the motor trade, in industrial/office cleaning, or in laundry or dry cleaning work may be an advantage.

You will need a full driving licence for most jobs. The majority of entrants are therefore over the age of 17. There is no upper age limit.

Good eyesight (with glasses if worn) is required to achieve a high standard of cleaning and polishing.


New entrants train on the job with instruction in cleaning and polishing techniques and in health and safety procedures. Employers may send you on day courses run by the manufacturers of cleaning chemicals.

Mobile valeting trainees go out with trained operators until they are ready to work on their own. It is usually three to six months before they work on their own.

The British Institute of Cleaning Science (BICS) offers the Car Valeting Certificate Scheme.


Most openings are in car dealerships or garages where valets prepare new and used cars for sale. Opportunities also exist with mobile valeting firms, which are often run under franchise. They cater for private customers and work under contract to dealerships or garages.

Other employers include independent valeting companies, though these usually only employ a few staff, and car rental firms.

Promotion may be possible to supervisor, or to area manager in big firms offering services to different garages. It is possible to become self-employed, catering for private or commercial users and for dealerships.

Annual Income:

Figures are intended as a guideline only.

Income for car valets ranges from £7,800 to £9,620 per year.
Overtime and shift payments can increase earnings to around £12,000 to £14,500.

Further information:

Information about training and vacancies may be available from local careers offices, Connexions Partnerships, or Jobcentres.

The British Institute of Cleaning Science (BICS)
9 Premier Court
Boarden Close
Moulton Park
Tel: 01604 678710

Property, Housing, Cleaning and Facilities Management Skills (PHFMS)
2 The Courtyard
48 New North Road
Tel: 01392 423399

Other Useful Car Valet Work Information

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