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Charity Fundraising Manager Profile


This Section of the site details information that you might find useful if you are looking to secure employment or require further details regarding working as a Charity Fundraising Manager. This page details the following Information:-

  • Finding Suitable Work as a Charity Fundraising Manager
  • Working Duties Expected
  • Hours and Environment
  • Working Skills Required
  • Training Requirements
  • Salary Expectations
  • Trade Information
  • Other useful Charity Fundraising Manager Work Information

Finding Suitable Work

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Working Duties Expected

Charity fundraising managers are responsible for managing all the various systems of raising money for their charity, and for managing other fundraising staff and volunteers. Activities are wide-ranging and include:

  • direct marketing - deciding who to target; managers work with advertisers to choose appropriate adverts, decide where they should be placed, then analyse the success of the campaign; they may use a variety of media to contact donors
  • corporate fundraising - fundraising managers work with companies to find ways of raising money - donations by customers or staff, or getting the company to sponsor the charity, and relationship building
  • work with donors - high-level donors are kept up-to-date with the charities performance; they are invited to functions and receptions; many charities develop long-term relationships with donors through membership schemes which managers administer
  • regional fundraising activities - fundraising managers organise events or manage volunteers running the events
  • trading - this includes charity shops and mail order; managers are responsible for finding and buying products, organising catalogues and order processing
  • special events - balls, galas and first nights; managers book theatres, liaise with advertising agencies, send invitations, organise sponsorship and liaise with the press
  • talks - fundraising managers give talks to groups of people and attend social functions; promoting the idea of giving to charities by legacy is another growth area.
  • In large charities, fundraising managers may specialise in one or more of these functions; in small ones they may carry out all the functions.

Hours and Environment

Hours vary from 40 to 48 hours a week depending on location. Weekend and evening work is common.

Some managers are office-based, although there is some time spent away from the office working from home, travelling to visit companies or attending meetings. There may be short stays away from home.

A driving licence is often needed.

Skills and Interests

To be a charity fundraising manager, you should have:

  • excellent interpersonal skills
  • good written and spoken communication skills
  • presentation skills - to give talks to groups of people
  • persuasive ability, management and leadership
  • negotiating skills
  • organisational abilities
  • numeracy skills - for dealing with management accounts and for budgeting
  • drive and enthusiasm and a strong commitment to your charitys cause.


There are no minimum entry qualifications, although many fundraising managers are graduates.

The majority of entrants are mature people with experience in relevant areas such as marketing, public relations or sales, or in other areas of work within charities. Experience of organisations which give grants is also useful.

The Institute of Fundraising runs a foundation course covering the basics of fundraising for those starting out in their career. For experienced practitioners, a Certificate in Fundraising Management is available; this qualification is equivalent to NVQ/SVQ level 4.

''Working for a Charity'' also has information on introductory courses related to work in this sector.


Training varies depending on the organisation.

Some of the larger charities have management training schemes covering all aspects of fundraising, as well as skills such as public speaking and charity finances. Smaller charities may provide short courses run by external organisations.


Charity fundraising managers work for charities, pressure groups and other organisations in the not-for-profit sector. Many managers are based in London or other major regional towns. Jobs are often part-time, or combine fundraising with other duties.

There are opportunities for self-employment, working as a consultant for a number of charities.

Promotion prospects are limited, but some fundraisers move into alternative management positions. Others may return, having gained useful experience, to careers in marketing, sales or public relations.

Annual Income

The annual income section is intended as a guideline only.

Charity fundraisers salary rates start from around £15,000 to £20,000.
Experienced staff earn £25,000 to £28,000.
Senior staff may earn up to £55,000.

Further information:
Institute of Fundraising
Market Towers
1 Nine Elms Lane
Tel: 020 7627 3436

Working for a Charity
The Peel Centre
Percy Circus
Tel: 020 7833 8220

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Other Useful Charity Fundraising Manager Work Information

We have a section available at this site on Charity Fundraising Manager job interview tips that you may find of interest should you wish to brush up your skills in this area and we also have number of career articles that may also be of use to you from within our guides and documents section.

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