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Health Service Manager Profile


This Section of the site details information that you might find useful if you are looking to secure employment or require further details regarding working as an Health Service Manager. This page details the following Information:-

  • Finding Suitable Work as an Health Service Manager
  • Working Duties Expected
  • Hours and Environment
  • Working Skills Required
  • Training Requirements
  • Salary Expectations
  • Trade Information
  • Other useful Health Service Manager Work Information

Finding Suitable Work

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Working Duties Expected

Health service managers are responsible for making sure the hospital or health organisation that employs them runs efficiently and effectively. This includes making best use of its facilities, finance and employees, to ensure the best possible service is provided to patients and other users.

Managers may specialise in certain areas of work such as personnel, finance, information technology and marketing; or the role may be more general and involve managing a particular section or department.

Duties may include:

  • supervising and being responsible for the work of other staff
  • being responsible for long-term planning
  • dealing with day-to-day operational matters
  • using statistical information to check and monitor performance and to inform long term planning
  • setting and maintaining budgets
  • working out and implementing business plans
  • assessment and evaluation of strategic direction
  • implementing the policies of the board and ensuring government guidelines are followed
  • working with clinical staff and other professionals
  • managing contracts.

Hours and Environment

Although the official working week for health service managers is 37 hours a week, the job is quite pressurised and they are expected to work more than this. In a hospital with a 24-hour service managers may be required to work a shift system. Senior managers may be on call on a rota basis for any out-of-hours emergencies that occur. Flexible hours and job share arrangements are sometimes possible and are being encouraged. Part-time work is not common at management level.

Managers may work in an office or a laboratory. Sometimes they are required to travel to meetings.

Skills and Interests

Health service managers should:

  • be able to cope with constant change
  • be innovative and able to solve problems creatively
  • have good analytical skills
  • have financial management and numerical skills for budget administration and cost analysis
  • have high level written and spoken communication skills
  • be able to motivate and manage staff
  • have negotiating skills
  • be able to explain complex issues in simple terms to a wide range of audiences
  • show respect for confidential information
  • be able to deal with stress.


Many health service managers train in clinical areas or allied professions and move into management after showing aptitude in these areas.

You can apply for a place on the NHS Management Training Scheme, which employs around 60 new recruits each year. Entry to the scheme is with a degree in any subject or an equivalent academic or professional qualification. Entry requirements for a degree course are five GCSEs (A-C)/S grades (1-3) plus two A levels/three Highers. Equivalent qualifications may be accepted.

For details of qualification equivalents see:

Qualifications and Curriculum Authority (England, Wales and Northern Ireland)
Scottish Qualifications Authority

An Access to Higher Education qualification may also be accepted for entry to certain courses. If experienced in a related field, you may be able to gain recognition of skills through Accredited Prior Learning (APL). Please check with colleges or universities for exact entry requirements.

Those working in the NHS as a clerical worker or health records clerk may also have the chance to move into management.

Qualifications or experience in specialist areas such as finance, information technology and personnel are also useful.


There are three training routes:

Management Training Scheme - an intensive two-year programme, combining early responsibility in real jobs with management education. It includes a three-month induction and orientation to the NHS, two nine-month work placements, and three months working with other health care organisations, either in the UK or abroad, plus an industrial placement or research project. Trainees may also gain postgraduate qualifications in health care or general management, such as a Diploma in Health Care Management and NVQ level 4.

Financial Management Scheme - lasts three years and leads to a professional accountancy qualification.

Similar schemes, for both general and financial management, are run in Wales (Leadership Development Scheme) and Northern Ireland (Health and Social Services Management Scheme). Scotland currently runs such a scheme in the Lothian area only.

In-Service Management Training - available to serving NHS employees. The Managing Health & Social Care Programme is a flexible in-service programme of management training, leading to NVQ levels 4 and 5.

Managers with two years'' experience can apply to become members of The Institute of Healthcare Management (IHM). The IHM provides a range of opportunities for continuing professional development.

NHS employees, at all levels, may be able to access learning and development opportunities through the NHSU, the new corporate university for the NHS. For details see: or contact U-i: the NHSU advice line for learning in health and social care.


Opportunities are available for health service managers within the NHS and private hospitals.

Managers may be employed by a hospital trust which provides services directly to patients or in a health authority that plans strategic directions in health care. There are also some opportunities in larger GP practices and in Primary Care Groups (soon to become Primary Care Trusts), which commission local services.

It is expected that job opportunities may decrease in the future, due to mergers between hospitals and flatter management structures within NHS organisations.

On completion of the Financial Management Training Scheme or the Management Training Scheme, progression to senior management positions is likely.

There is no longer a very clear hierarchical career path within the NHS.

It may be possible to obtain employment abroad.

Annual Income

The annual income section is intended as a guideline only. The actual rates of pay may vary.

Health service managers'' income usually starts at around £15,000 for trainees.
General managers receive around £17,000 and this can rise to £60,000 and above.

Further information

U-i (NHSU advice and career planning line)
Tel: 08000 150 850

NHS Management Schemes

NHS Careers
Tel: 0845 606 0655

Other Useful Health Service Manager Work Information

We have a section available at this site on Health Service Manager job interview tips that you may find of interest should you wish to brush up your skills in this area and we also have number of career articles that may also be of use to you from within our guides and documents section.

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