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April 2008

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CII's single standards board proposal receives warm welcome


The Chartered Insurance Institute (CII) and the Personal Finance Society's proposals for a single professional standards board would be almost universally welcomed, new research has revealed. A ...

TUC unveils occupational health guidance


The Trades Union Congress (TUC) has published detailed guidance aimed at improving occupational health conditions for at-risk employees. Some two million employees work in industries that could ...

Flexible working increases employees' commitment


Workplace flexibility increases employees' commitment and reduces the number of days they take off, new research has found.The study, published in the Psychologist-Manager Journal, surveyed 3,000 ...

Immigration report challenges Lords' findings


A new report has challenged the recent House of Lords investigation into the economic benefits of immigration.The Work Foundation said its research showed the economy has been boosted by high levels ...

Employers can now 'measure job satisfaction'


Employers now have the tools to measure job satisfaction, a new study has claimed.The report by PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), Managing People in a Changing World, shows how a company can plot levels ...

Workers hide behind instant messaging


UK workers use email and text to avoid difficult interpersonal situations, new research has revealed.A report by the Post Office, entitled Telecoms, Etiquette in the Digital Age, has shown 73 per ...

OFT apologises to Morrisons


The Office for Fair Trading (OFT) has apologised for incorrectly suggesting retailer, Morrisons had infringed rules on the supply of dairy goods.A press release by the OFT incorrectly stated the ...

Credit crunch 'no catastrophe' for retailers


The credit crunch is unlikely to cause catastrophe for UK retailers, the British Retail Consortium has said.It acknowledged some middle market retailers were feeling the effects of economic ...

Firms labour with pregnant recruits


Firms have difficulty dealing with pregnant job applicants, new research has revealed.Employment Law Advisory Services (ELAS) has found only five per cent employed someone knowing they were ...

Teenagers ignore web's job resources


Teenagers are ignoring the internet's online jobs, preferring to use it as a social tool, new research has shown.A survey by online advertiser, Broadbent, has highlighted the scale of the problem ...

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