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February 2008

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HMRC scrutinises overseas accounts


HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) has detailed plans for tackling tax evasion following revelations that Liechtenstein bank accounts are being used for tax avoidance and evasion.Administrators in ...

Britain is ready for green construction


The British public is ready to buy into alternative energy and wants more eco-friendly buildings, a survey has found.According to research by Standard Life, 96 per cent of people are either ready or ...

Web brings 'more rounded life'


The internet has allowed more people to work from home and helped them to have a "more rounded life", claimed an expert from BT Business.Mick Hegarty cited the results of a recent BT ...

Retailer rewards healthy staff


Safeway could introduce insurance discounts for healthy staff that allow it to monitor their shopping habits, the Financial Times has reported.The retailer would encourage workers to use its FoodFlex ...

FSA approves new finance school


The National Skills Academy for Financial Services has opened in Tower Hamlets, with the backing of the Financial Services Authority (FSA).The academy hopes to provide a "gold standard" of ...

Employers struggle with 'total reward'


Many employers have struggled to understand the concept of 'total reward', an industry expert has claimed.Writing on the Employee Benefits blog, Debi O'Donovan, editorial director of the publication, ...

Firms need to plan for IT waste


Companies should make more effort to safely dispose of old IT equipment, an analyst has warned.Gartner has revealed that the producer take-back programmes which were introduced by the European Union ...

Wal-Mart enjoys Asda's success


Wal-Mart has announced that Asda exceeded its sales and profit plan for last year and unveiled plans to create 9,000 new jobs, as well as 22 new stores.The retailer's in-store pharmacies will see 500 ...

Offline retail drives customers online


Limited product availability and poor customer service have driven consumers online, a new study has found.A poll by management consultancy, Accenture revealed that nearly half of consumers said ...

Law Society speaks up


The Law Society has asked to intervene in a case before the European Court of Justice.The case is an appeal by Akzo Nobel against a judgement, which said legal professional privilege did not apply to ...

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