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July 2008

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Companies under pressure to match inflation


Companies are under pressure from employees keen to see their pay rise with inflation.According to business consultancy Croner, four in ten firms said rising fuel costs and inflation were pushing ...

Wellbeing initiative shows healthy results


A workplace health initiative has proved employers can make a difference to the wellbeing of their employees.The joint venture between the British Heart Foundation (BHF) and the Department of Health ...

Penna: Firms struggling to apply cross-cultural recruitment


Human resources advisory group Penna has claimed many firms are struggling to apply cross-cultural recruitment methods.Its research found 57 per cent do not have adequate cross-border assessments and ...

HR Boss: New employment law could increase disputes


A leading human resources boss has warned new employment legislation could lead to increased disputes.Robert Ingram, HR director of global outsourcing at IT provider Capgemini, has claimed the ...

Workers more worried about job losses


Workers are increasingly worried about job losses, according to the Employee Advisory Resource (EAR), has reported.It said there has been a 27 per cent increase in redundancy related calls, ...

Ecotowns declared 'illegal'


The government's planned ecotown developments have been branded 'illegal' by local government lawyers, the Guardian has reported.Local Government Association's lawyers have claimed that the ...

Govt marks 'VQ' day with training offer


The government has marked its first ever Vocational Qualification day (VQ) by announcing a universal training offer.It revealed that all 18-year-olds will be eligible for government support for ...

Govt calls for organised fit fight


Health secretary Alan Johnson has called on employers, retailers and local authorities to join in a new fight against obesity.He told think-tank, The Fabian Society, the government cannot achieve its ...

BT asks to run new IT skills academy


Telecoms giant, BT has joined with e-skills UK and asked if it can run a new IT skills academy.The nomination could result in a further employer-led centre added to the UK's widening lists of ...

Big businesses stick to green initiatives


Big businesses are sticking to their green promises despite economic woes, eco-advisor The Carbon Trust has revealed.It noted they have refused to let the issue drop and are pushing ahead with ...

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