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May 2008

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John Lewis profits reveal wider falls


Profits have fallen at retailer John Lewis and revealed wider concerns about the UK economy.The company reported its third consecutive week of falling sales, down 2.8 per cent at its stores.It said: ...

Extra space costs govt millions


Government workers have excessive amounts of office space costing millions every year, MPs have heard.A commons public accounts committee heard the public sector was between 14 and 50 per cent less ...

UK workers go 'smart casual'


UK workers are increasingly dressing down in the office, preferring smart casual clothes to traditional suits, a study by The Aziz Corporation has found.The development consultancy revealed changing ...

Workers get NICE and fit


Workers have been encouraged by new guidance from the National Institute for Clinical Excellence (NICE) to take more physical exercise.It found people of working age are often not active enough to ...

Google: The world's best employer


Google has been recognised as the world's best employer by the Great Place to Work Institute research group.It surveyed workers in 4,000 organisations around the world employing 1.5 million staff, ...

Tories plan non-English speaking penalties


The Conservative party has announced it would reduce employment benefit for non-English speakers who refused to take lessons.Its scheme is designed to improve employability and could come into force ...

Lawyers receive increasing religious complaints


Workers in legal jobs are handling an increasing number of lawsuits relating to the country's anti-discrimination laws on religious grounds, the Financial Times has reported.Search company, Google, ...

CBI: Govt needs to be flexible


The government needs to be flexible in setting the date for implementing new employment law, the Confederation of British Industry has said.Following a report by Sainsbury's HR director, Imelda ...

Managers need to learn to manage


Managers across the country have been told they need to learn to manage, using a government incentive.They have been urged to take control over their businesses by getting involved in more training ...

Study: Huge pay gaps in legal jobs


A new study soon to be revealed by the Law Society will show a huge gap remains in pay levels, the Times has learnt.The paper reported the society's study will show men earn on average £19,000 ...

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