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January 2009

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Retail closures affect property investors


The closure of retail properties is beginning to affect small investors in commercial property, an industry expert has said.Jason Butler, partner at Bloomsbury Financial Planning, has warned that ...

Business rejects claims for improved redundancy packages


The Confederation of British Industry (CBI) has rejected union demands that companies increase redundancy packages.The Trades Union Council (TUC) had asked for the basic minimum weekly amount paid as ...

Retail jobs to go at Eon


Energy company Eon has announced it is to cut 450 retail jobs.Workers in the organisation's main offices will be affected in a move devised to cut costs.Paul Golby, chief executive, said the cuts are ...

CV 'lies' could cost MD ?1m


Failure to disclose a medical condition could cost a former managing director (MD) £1 million.Cheltenham County Council is sueing Christine Laird after it claimed she lied about her medical ...

Govt offers car industry lifeline


The government has offered to guarantee £2.3 billion of loans for the British car industry.The announcement follows severe job cuts at manufacturing plants across the country.Employment ...

Regus offers free offices


Workplace provider Regus is offering free offices in a bid to help new firms.The company has said its campaign, Get Started, will provide facilities worth £10 million to new-start ...

Shoe retailer in administration


High street shoe chains Barratt Shoes and Priceless Shoes are the latest firms to suffer from the weakening economy and go into administration.The shops' owner, Stylo, employs 5,450 workers in 400 ...

CBI: January sales return only slight profits


The Confederation of British Industry (CBI) has said January sales only helped return a slight improvement for retailers.Its Distributive Trades Survey revealed just 16 per cent of retailers said ...

Wrongly sacking women is "unlawful" minister warns


The employment minister Harriet Harman has warned that firms disproportionately firing female workers are acting against the law.Ms Harman told the Times: "There is a major fear about women ...

CIPD says govt should support equal pay reviews


The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) has said the government should make public the case for equal pay reviews.The organisation wants businesses to be made more aware of the ...

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