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May 2009

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Irish software firm takes on 500 more workers than planned.


The Irish software publisher Blizzard Entertainment has become so successful it has taken on 400 more staff than it originally planned to.Best known for its creation of World of Warcraft - a ...

UK IT workers 'are not recycling'


Workers in IT jobs are not having their electronic waste recycled, a new survey has revealed.According to computer maker Dell European countries are more efficient at making use of redundant ...

Chancellor: Growth is coming, but so are further job cuts


Chancellor Alistair Darling has said more jobs will be lost before evidence of a recovery is seen.Mr Darling told BBC1's The Politics Show that there are "a number of things, even after recovery ...

Boris Johnson boosts London Living Wage by 2%


Mayor of London Boris Johnson has increased the London Living Wage by two per cent.Now at £7.60 per hour, the rate has jumped 13.4 per cent since it was introduced by his predecessor Ken ...

Welsh workers most flexible, study finds


Workers in Wales are most likely to have embraced flexible working practices and work from home, new research has revealed.According to a study published by YouGov and mobile phone firm Orange, ...

KPMG: Make your CV succinct


Professional services firm KPMG has said it likes to see CVs that are short and to the point.According to the firm's head of recruitment for the UK, Lesley Winterflood, resumes should be concise and ...

Internet retailing will become more significant after the recession, says web expert


Once the recession has ended, e-commerce will play a more important part in retailing, says an expert.Internet Retailer's editor, Don Davis, explained that unlike more conventional businesses, ...

Brokers say social responsibility should be part of all our lives


Corporate social responsibility should be part of fims' business and our everyday lives, says the British Insurance Brokers Association (Biba)Addressing its recent annual conference Erin Brockovich ...

Women are more prudent than men, finds research


Women are more likely to save a greater proportion of their income than men, according to a new study.Research conducted by the Halifax revealed that women save 17 per cent more than men in relation ...

Deflation will keep pay down, says CIPD


The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development has warned that the UK's negative inflation will contribute to a pay freeze.According to today's Retail Prices Index (RPI), the average costs of ...

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