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New retail jobs in Staffordshire


Sainsbury's has announced the creation of a new supermarket in Leek, Staffordshire, that will help boost the region's retail jobs sector.According to the Sentinel, the company is looking to develop a ...

National Independents' Week boosts profile of small stores


Small independent shops are being promoted by National Independents' Week across the UK from June 1st, which is being organised by the Federation of Wholesale Distributers (FWD).It is hoped the ...

Recession helps pizza chains recruit nearly 1,000


The recession has led more people to eat pizza and in turn created almost 1,000 jobs, it has been reported.As diners stay away from more expensive choices the larger chains are moving to open more ...

Chancellor: Growth is coming, but so are further job cuts


Chancellor Alistair Darling has said more jobs will be lost before evidence of a recovery is seen.Mr Darling told BBC1's The Politics Show that there are "a number of things, even after recovery ...

Internet retailing will become more significant after the recession, says web expert


Once the recession has ended, e-commerce will play a more important part in retailing, says an expert.Internet Retailer's editor, Don Davis, explained that unlike more conventional businesses, ...

Sainsbury's staff enjoy firm's profits


Staff at retailer Sainsbury's are to benefit from the company's success and receive £60 million in bonuses.The supermarket has returned profits up 11.3 per cent on last year and workers' ...

Aldi promises Ireland 1,000 jobs


German budget retailer Aldi says it will create 1,000 jobs in its expansion into the Irish market.Buoyed by strong sales, the firm says it will build 35 new outlets, which will create 650 jobs. It ...

John Lewis plans new stores


Highstreet retailer John Lewis has said it is to expand its operations and open a number of smaller stores.The company has identified 30 possible locations and could go on to open 50 outlets, the ...

Europe says the end of recession is in sight


Leading figures in Europe have said they can see an end to the current period of recession.Lucas Papademos, vice president of the European Central Bank, said he could see signs of the economy ...

TUC calls for government action on jobs


The Trades Union Congress (TUC) is urging the government to utilise a two-pronged approach to combating unemployment amid the global recession.Commenting after the publication of a report by the Work ...

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