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EU has to continue to reduce its bureaucracy, says Tanaiste


Europe needs to continue its drive to reduce bureaucracy, says the Irish minister for enterprise and Tanaiste, Mary Coughlan.Ms Coughlan was speaking to the EU's Competitiveness Council and said that ...

UK IT workers 'are not recycling'


Workers in IT jobs are not having their electronic waste recycled, a new survey has revealed.According to computer maker Dell European countries are more efficient at making use of redundant ...

Boris Johnson boosts London Living Wage by 2%


Mayor of London Boris Johnson has increased the London Living Wage by two per cent.Now at £7.60 per hour, the rate has jumped 13.4 per cent since it was introduced by his predecessor Ken ...

Touch typing is an 'essential skill for the current jobs market'


Jobseekers should note that touch typing is an essential skill, which could help them find work in a difficult market, training provider Pitman notes.According to the firm's Keith Wymer, secretaries ...

Offices are breeding grounds for bugs, says research


Offices and workplaces are the perfect place in which germs and bugs can spread, says experts in the US.According to the Centres for Disease Control (CDC), close proximity to colleagues at work ...

'Govt should help firms retain as well as recruit'


The Federation of Private Businesses (FPB) has called on the government to do more to help firms retain as well as recruit employees.Chief executive Phil Orford has welcomed the government's help to ...

British Business 'will be hit by sickness'


British business will have to face increasing levels of sickness, according to a new report.Private healthcare provider Bupa has warned that the country's ageing workforce will take a toll on ...

TUC: workers need more govt help


The Trades Union Congress (TUC) has called on the government to provide more help to the unemployed.General secretary Brendan Barber says government should act as boldly as it is with the banking ...

Regus offers free offices


Workplace provider Regus is offering free offices in a bid to help new firms.The company has said its campaign, Get Started, will provide facilities worth £10 million to new-start ...

Microsoft to cut 5,000 jobs


Microsoft has said it is to cut 5,000 jobs.The computer and software giant will reduce staff after its sales were hit by falling demand.Microsoft has reported its quarterly profits fell 11 per cent ...

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